Triple Purpose – the Conscience of Capitalism


Triple Purpose Campaign

Triple Purpose - the Conscience of Capitalism

Triple Purpose is about companies and their employees making a greater and more positive contribution to the society and the world in which we live, for the benefit of current and future generations.

Rather than a company having a single purpose i.e. to maximise profit, a progressive ethical company should have three purposes. 

Firstly, in all their daily actions and decision-making, all employees have a responsibility towards society (people) to behave not only ethically but also with care and compassion towards one another. Secondly, they have a responsibility to respect the environment and thirdly, they have a responsibility to make an ethical profit.

The concept of Triple Purpose offers a way of embedding this caring culture and ethical decision-making process into the DNA of the business. It is our contention that this will result in a happier, more fulfilled and motivated workforce, helping to make the world a better place and leading to a more sustainable future for the business.  


Establishing a happy and fulfilled workforce through an investment in a caring work environment, training, health and safety, motivational leadership, equality of opportunity and work-life balance will lead to a more profitable, sustainable company.


The company and staff will make a commitment to securing the future of our Planet via careful management of waste and toxic substances and consumption of energy and water.

Ethical Profit

The company will maximise profit via an ethical, caring, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business strategy.

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Triple Purpose Capitalism

Capitalism is at a crossroads. Its reputation has never been so low! Each day brings a new corporate scandal including companies not paying their fair rate of tax.

The Campaign for Triple Purpose Capitalism

We need to encourage businesses and, most importantly, those individuals who work within them to consider the ethical aspects of all their decisions, both personal and commercial.

Triple Purpose Companies

The core purpose of the company should be focussed on its positive, social and environmental impact as well as making an ethical profit from its products or services.

Triple Purpose Pledge

Any business wishing to promote itself as a Triple Purpose Company must ensure all its employees sign a pledge that they will adhere to the principles of Triple Purpose: doing business in a fair and sustainable way.

Become a Triple Purpose Company

It is accepted that the company objectives can differ from one business to another because of differences in cultural perspectives, operational structures and strategy.

Benefits of a Triple Purpose Company

Triple Purpose means a more motivated and loyal work-force, more competitive products, more loyal customers and suppliers creating a more sustainable company.

We hope this website has been useful

We hope that the pages above go some way to explain the concept of Triple Purpose. We have not tried to lay down any rules and regulations as every company and its employees is different. We are not recommending an accreditation system either. We believe that many people will understand the driving force behind this idea: that individuals and companies have a responsibility towards society and the environment, as well as making an ethical profit, and must act accordingly in all their decision-making. They cannot ignore these responsibilities.
The big bonus is that, in our view, the successful implementation of Triple Purpose will lead to a happier and more motivated workforce and a more sustainable future. Good luck on the journey!